Monday, December 26, 2005

Thai Charity for Tsunami Victims Commemorative Stamps

This set of stamps is released to commemorate one year of the Tsunami, the giant tidal wave, disaster in Thailand. There are 5,395 people known to have been killed in Thailand by the disaster, and nearly 3,000 people were still missing. More than 2,000 casualties were the tourists.


Release Date: 26 December 2005
Number of Copies: 1,500,000 pieces/design
Type: Sheet of 20 (mixed)
Value (in THB): 3.00 ฿ (2 designs)

  • Design 1 : Illustrates Tsunami, the giant tidal wave. Designed by Ms. Mayuree Narknisorn.
  • Design 2 : Illustrates the assistance given to Tsunami's victims. This is a picture drawn by a girl named Chanipa Temprom.

Printing Style: Lithography
Printer: Thai British Security Printing Public Company Limited, Thailand

Monday, December 05, 2005

Highly Revered Monk Postage Stamp

Following the big success of two previous Buddhism related postage stamps, Thailand Post has come up with another fail-proof popular postage stamp depicted four of Thailand's greatest monks of all time. These highly revered monks have been greatly respected by Buddhists all over Thailand for years even though some passed away more than hundred years ago. The popularity of this set of postage stamps could perfectly reflect Thai society and culture which is closely based on Buddhism and its related icons.


Release Date: 5 December 2005
Number of Copies: 1,500,000 pieces/design
Type: Sheet of 20 (mixed)
Value (in THB): 5.00 ฿ (4 designs)

  • Design 1 : Somdet Phra Phutthachan (To Brahmaramsi)
  • Design 2 : Phra Ratchamuni Samiram Khunupamachan (Luangpu Thuat)
  • Design 3 : Phra Acharn Man Bhuridatto
  • Design 4 : Khruba Sri Wichai

Printing Style: Intaglio and Lithography - Multi Color
Printer: Note Printing Works, Bank of Thailand
Design: Thaveeporn Thongkhambai

The "New Theory" Agriculture According to His Majesty's Initiative Project Postage Stamp

This set of postage stamps has been announced to be released since the fifth of December 2004. However, it's been postponed and release a year later. I think Thailand Post has to make sure that it has an official letter of acknowledgement from the Royal Palace Secretariat Office before it could issue this highly valuable postage stamps depicting His Majesty the King's pictures and his initiative project on the "new theory" agriculture which promotes self-sufficient economy, in the time Thailand faced an economic crisis a couple of years ago. Without all these projects, Thai farmers would have been suffered from the crisis in an immeasurable degree. Thus, the postage stamps perfectly commemorate the talent of His Majesty the King and are certainly worth collecting.


Release Date: 5 December 2005
Number of Copies: 1,000,000 pieces/design
Type: Sheet of 30 (mixed)
Value (in THB): 3.00 ฿ (2 designs)
Printing Style: Lithography - Multi Color
Printer: Chan Wanich Security Printing Company Limited, Thailand
Design: Udorn Niyomthum